Lambi Chibambo

About the artist | Originally from Malawi, Lambi Chibambo, who goes by Lamb of Lemila, is a Cape Town-based multimedia artist.

Various Roots worked with Lambi on the Heritage of Queendom and International Women’s Day 2019 projects.

This professional daydreamer uses art as a medium to question her surroundings, explore topics that at times are considered uncomfortable and engage with the world around her. The characters in her illustrations are personified versions of one coming into and embracing oneself. Spiritually, mentally, physically and sexually. The character is identifiable by what you see in yourself.

She holds a B.A in Film & Television and Media & Writing from The University of Cape Town, and has experience working in marketing and writing. In 2016 she decided to pursue a career in fine art and design. Since then she has exhibited both locally and abroad.

Although most of her works are illustrations, she has created paintings, sculptures, and art installations. Now freelancing as a designer, she looks to diversifying her craft and widening the scope of her artistic scope by creating more interactive bodies of work.