Various Roots was founded by Adrienne and Andrew McDermott

The couple have been traveling abroad full-time since July 2014. In that time, they have learned about all kinds of incredible art, fashion, music, and creations all around the world and have been sharing those with their Instagram audiences to much fanfare, as the work deserves.
They took this a step further by creating two purpose driven clothing brands where they give away all profits with specific missions in mind. 
The first one, The Robe Lives, gives all funds to, and with the other brand, Various Roots – the mission is to produce socially conscious works of art created by artists from around the world to promote diversity and inclusion in mainstream (western) media. 
Various Roots wants to play a role in breaking stereotypes to fight bigotry and increase openness.

Various Roots’ Mission

  • Insert powerful socially-conscious messages into widely-consumed media
  • Help artists increase their reach and make progress on their career paths
  • Expose ‘The West’ to more content creators from around the world